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The Motion Picture Editors Guild provides state-of-the-art educational facilities in Los Angeles and New York.  

Keep your skills up-to-date in our practice rooms. The facilities feature the most modern equipment, popular software, a comprehensive library and access to online training programs. A technical representative is available throughout your stay to answer questions and offer assistance. Reservations are required. Appointments can be made Monday – Friday and designated weekends.



In addition, active Guild members enjoy numerous educational events led by esteemed members that work in the craft.

The Master Class Series: Editor Steve Rivkin sits in a one-on-one session with Assistant Editor Will Erokan.

Many factors have played a role in decreasing on-the-job mentoring. Shortened post schedules, heavier workloads, and the pressures of ever-changing technology leave little room, if any, for workplace learning. Moreover, many Assistant Editors are the designated technical experts, leaving no time to pursue the more creative aspect of the craft.

The Membership Outreach Committee encourages you to seek mentoring at your workplace and wants to help members that may not be given the opportunity for workplace learning on the job